Level Controller KR1 EX

The NIVA level controller KR1 EX is the ideal solution to control liquids in potentially explosive atmospheres classified zones 1 or 2 for example in:

  • Gas stations
  •  Sewage works
  •  Fermentation plants

The NIVA level controller KR1 Ex was designed especially for use in intrinsically safe electrical circuits in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX 95. In accordance with licen-se SEV 06 ATEX 0137 the level controller KR1 EX may be used in zones 1 and 2 as well as in gas groups IIA, II B and IIC, where exists an explosion hazard due to combustible materials in temperature classes T1 to T6.

The controller is equipped with a change-over contact (SPDT), meaning that depending on the electrical connection, the level controller can be used both to empty and fill a tank. Unlike level controller MS1 EX, type KR1 EX is a wide angle controller, which means that only one controller is required for switching on and off.


For use in intrinsically safe electric circuits in EX zones 1 and 2.

  • EC type examination certificate SEV 06 ATEX 0137
  • IECEx SEV 13.0001