Level Controller N1 pro

The NOLTA Level Regulator N1 pro is the ideal solution to control liquid levels in industrial applications such as:

  •  Industrial waste water
  •  Emulsion of oils
  • Many chemicals

The NOLTA level regulator N1 pro can be used everywhere where liquid levels must be supervised. The NOLTA N1 pro is ideal for industrial applications. It is simple to install and maintenance-free. Thus fast economical and reliable solutions can be realized.

The N1 pro is equipped with Nolta‘s proResist cable which guarantees extreme durability and resistance. Different than the MS control switches, the N1 pro is a pump switch which can be used for direct control of pumps.

The level controller N1 pro can also be supplied in combination with the NOLTA contactor combination, the NOLTA motorstarter or the NOLTA capacitor plug.


For direct pump control for example in industrial waste water, emulsions of oils and fats, diluted acids and brines, aggressive mediums.